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Established in 1987, we’re an independent global PR agency with roots in Silicon Valley and a strong heritage in the technology sector, but the clients who engage us cut across a range of industries. While campaigns vary by client and industry, all share one theme: the creation of content that reflects the tenets of storytelling. This means developing narratives that prompt journalists to write and target audiences to read – a far cry from the “corporate speak” that satisfies internal stakeholders. Today, consumers are much more engaged with brands and need to read and experience stories that are authentic, relevant and interesting.

We are storytellers, brand strategists; reputation management consultants, content curators, conversationalists who help brands and executives stand out, and differentiate themselves. We entered Asia in 1999, and now have grown to employing more than 80 people across six wholly owned offices located in Beijing, Shanghai, Japan, Korea, Singapore and regional headquarters in Hong Kong. We apply a collaborative approach to implementing multi-country campaigns, leveraging content and thinking across geographies and cultures ultimately generates better results for clients with regional and global needs.

Areas of Expertise