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Ogilvy Public Relations (Ogilvy PR) is a global communications leader with more than 85 offices across six continents. In 2012 and 2013, Ogilvy was named Cannes Lions Network of the Year and Most Effective Agency Network by the Effie Global Effectiveness Index, named Public Affairs Consultancy of the Year by the Holmes Report, and won Consumer Consultancy of the Year in Asia Pacific (Holmes Report). Ogilvy PR was also named CAMPAIGN’s Greater China PR Agency of the Year 2013 and MARKETING’s Hong Kong PR Agency of the Year in five out of the past seven years.

Ogilvy PR operates at the intersection of influencer management, behavior change and narrative to create, improve and amplify brand favorability and reputation. We do this through a deep understanding of how people form opinions and the social forces that "nudge" their behavior. We believe that public relations is most effective when masterfully crafted stories are grounded in social science.

Ogilvy PR helps its clients move beyond old world corporate communications into new forms of engagement via content sharing and employee story mining. Through its award winning content experts, Ogilvy PR crafts the right content for the right audience segment at the right time in traditional and social/digital media.