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19 May 2016 7:30pm — 19 May 2016 9:00pm


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Integrated eMarketing Workshop on "Content Marketing and Application Strategy

Moving to today’s digital age, eMarketing is an inevitable business trend for a corporation's marketing strategy to be successful. A strategic application of eMarketing tools enables a cost-effective marketing campaign, making eMarketing knowledge especially important to business managers and executives. This Program is delivered by three eMarketing professionals who have been dedicating in eMarketing consultant and training services to various local and multi-national corporations. They will discuss the techniques to enhance synergy between online and offline marketing strategies to build and sustain brand. It also emphasizes on applying eMarketing models in real cases, with reference to local and overseas experience, with an aim to facilitate participants’ direct application of knowledge to their work.

To acknowledge your support, your members will enjoy a special discount when enrolling the Program (Original: $350/ppl; CPRFHK members discount: $250/ppl). In addition, your name and logo will be credit-mentioned in the printed advertisements. eDM will be prepared by ETBC for your distribution to members. No financial responsibilities are to be borne by your association.