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The Council of Public Relations Firms of Hong Kong (CPRFHK)

CPRFHK at a Glance

As Asia's hub for commerce and technology, Hong Kong continues to achieve dramatic expansion in its role as a regional leader. The public relations industry grows concurrently, and the CPRFHK brings consultancies together to establish standards, discuss issues affecting the industry, and to identify strategies for enhancing the professional reputation of public relations firms in Hong Kong.

The Council supports public relations practitioners and the public relations profession by providing a range of member services including accreditation, events and education programs. Its members meet regularly to examine issues including industry ethics, business and public relations trends, and to liaise with other professional and business bodies, and with Government.

Founded in September 2001, the CPRFHK now has over 35 members that work together to ensure high standards of professional competence and ethical practice, and to promote the vital role of effective public relations in the management of organizations. The Council’s task forces examine a number of key areas including professional standards development, copyright, public issues and, importantly, the implementation of its accreditation system.

Our mission is to foster growth, innovation, and effectiveness in public relations in Hong Kong. 


Growth - We will help our members grow as practitioners, and to grow profitable businesses.

Innovation - We will encourage and recognise creativity and innovation.

Effectiveness - We will identify, promote and celebrate public relations best practice.

Ethics - We will work to maintain the highest professional and ethical standards.

Advocacy - We will advocate on behalf of the public relations industry.

Convene - We will use our unique role to convene forums for discussion and debate.